Project: Multimedia Video Resume


Project: Mock Interview

I am in the process of moving and family has come to help. But since they are here they have not left a quiet spot in my house . I was not afforded the opportunity to record myself in a quiet environment for long so I only got out the interviewee side. I was practice interviewing for Nike in my interview since I did not mention it.

Exploration: Company Research

This activity is to make us look further into the places we want to work to see if it is just based on the PR of the company or the inner workings. A lot of companies can put on a good front to the public and then when you look deeper you see they treat employees bad, steal ideas, or worse. It is good to do the research first so you aren’t miserable doing something you once loved.

Project: Network Email

The last company I worked with made over $20 million in a year


I’ve started my career as a graphic designer working for one of the fastest growing companies in Orlando and the college sports industry. I am looking to expand my knowledge and capabilities by helping another business grow. If you would, explain my abilities to your employers so that my skills may benefit us all. Check out some of my work at and do not hesitate to ask me for more information at

Thank you for your time,

Jon Hurst

Graphic Artist