Exploration: Build Your Network

The purpose of this activity is to force you (me) to take a look at how present you actually are on the web. Since people tend to go for big names or people that have made themselves known (for good reason of course) it is important that I have a presence amongst my peers and potential employers.


Practice: Cover Letter

cover letter personal


I chose a short cover letter because as a person that does the hiring you probably will get tons of resumes to sort through when you place an ad. With a longer cover letter the info may be skimmed over briefly and important information about me may be missed. With that in mind I kept mine short so it seemed a good size to be able to read without taking too much of the persons time.

HeadbandSubmission and web images For Gone Rogue/Made Loyal Clothing

Having created the old and new headband submission image/ Web mockup forms I am looking for at least a 2 star rating. Not only have the product images been seen and purchased by thousands of customers but it was the first step I took towards rebuilding our clothing line at work to be easier to manage and lower the risk of mistakes being made. For this I used Photoshop and illustrator once as seen in the video tutorial.

Victory Tailgate Tumble towers Webmocks

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 6.24.44 PM

I am seeking a 2 star rating for the webmocks of tumble towers I created for my job. as you can see, on Facebook alone it has been seen by thousands of customers and is one of our best selling products. I created the initial template for how it is shown (white background was mandatory for use on Amazon) as well as made it specifically for numerous schools. For this I used Photoshop and Illustrator (smart objects).

Revision: Business Plan Infographic

Untitled Infographic

This activity is good to help summarize the details of my company and business plan. While I am not a fan of info-graphics, I can see the reasoning behind there use. This style of conveying information can be very helpful to those that do not have the time or pressing interest in studying an in-depth report.